Every simple detail matters when it comes to appearance. Men’s style mistakes are more common in men because … we are men, right? Did you know that you can do even 2 times better at an interview if YOU are satisfied with your style and appearance? End of the day, confidence is all that matters.

For improved, heightened confidence, don’t you ever think of doing these men’s style mistakes.

confident man
Pretty confident eh?

 Flip Flops

Not that stylish eh?
How cool is this?

without even seeing your feet – I’m pretty sure that your feet are disgusting as hell. Not only you and me – every single woman on this planet feels the same way.

Not only that – wearing flip-flops is the most immature thing I can ever imagine of!. Lemme tell you this. If you are gonna ask out a girl wearing flip-flops, No matter how hot you are – you gonna be rejected. Wearing flip-flops is a MISTAKE. Just stop wearing ’em outside!

Suit buttons – we are talking about men’s style mistakes, right?

last suit button
unbutton the last button!

Remember! you never – ever button the bottom button of your suit jacket! The rule of thumb is you unbutton all the buttons (that’s a mouthful) when you are sitting down, and you have to button ’em back when you stand up again.

Do you think that there will ever be a “rule” like this if you have to button 3 buttons every time you stand up?

Wear a frickin’ WATCH!

wear a watch
Please do wear a watch!

No one needs to tell you that a watch can really enhance your look and style by a hundred thousand times. If the king of accessories can’t make you look good, nothing can!

Seriously, Don’t wear shorts

do not wear shorts
We ain’t kids!

First of all, this is my personal opinion. A man looks good when he looks matured and masculine. But, when you wear a short – the opposite happens! You look immature and a bit feminine.

Also, no one wants to see your hairy legs. Just don’t wear ’em! ( also remember, this article is about ” men’s style mistakes”, not ” kid’s style mistakes ” )

Accessories? Too many!

too many accessories
Wear ’em, not too much…

accessories are cool. If you can wear a cool little bracelet with your watch – you’ll look cool. But, anything too much – not gonna suit well! not only wearing too much but being not relevant is also an appearance killer. That is why this is one of the biggest men’s style mistakes.

Do you think wearing sunglasses at night is cool? it’s DUMB! Don’t wear too many bracelets. Maximum I recommend is 2. Also be relevant. Don’t be that guy who wears glasses to look cool (when they are totally fine with their eyes).

The whole point is your priority should be to look cool while also not looking dumb.

Wasting money is definitely not manly

Don’t waste your dad’s money

When talkin’ about MEN’S style mistakes – what is most important is being a man. A man is always responsible, caring and should be capable. If you have a lot of money, you are good!you can buy those supremes and rock ’em everywhere. But, if you are going to buy those hyped “deadxpensive” stuff, even if you are broke…. you sure gonna look like a jerk.

Everybody in this earth hates spoiled rich brats! .and if you are broke, and also looking like a spoiled rich kid who wastes the money of his father, you sure gonna be hated more. There are 2 options. Look really “rich”, or just spoiled.  

Sneakers ain’t enough


Sneakers are cool. I get it. But the thing is, it ain’t enough. wearing sneakers for EVERY frickin’ event makes you look like a broke kid from the ’80s. Just like women have heels, platforms,fu#$ me heels(not sure about the name, did see something named this on eBay)and so and so.we also have different varieties.

The only difference is we don’t wear ’em. Just like women look hot in heels, we look hot in boots. That’s why I’m saying that you should wear boots. Chakka boots, desert boots, Timberlands and the list goes on. Wear boots(also some driving moccasins). They’ll make you look sexy!

wear colours, Not too much

don't wear colours
You gonna look like them

It’s basic. Wearing bright coloured clothes will make you look less masculine and also younger(in a bad way).

Try to wear more dark/less-bright colours – no matter what your skin tone is, dark colours like wine red, black, ash, will always make you look mature.

socks suck

socks suck
Don’t be like them

Men’s style mistakes do not complete without socks. PLEASE DON’T wear those colourful socks with your suit. It just makes you look like the real jocker in the card pack.

Seriously! Remember, for the full suit, wear black socks, for the gym, wear athletic socks. Stay away from rainbowlike socks if you are not going to participate in a “pride” parade(no offence).

In my opinion, one of the biggest men’s style mistakes is wearing unmatching “gay” (no offence again) socks.

Jackets, hoodies and all those stuff

Now this is stylish

One of the biggest men’s style mistakes is also not wearing “cool” clothes. Hoodies(not those colourful ones), leather jackets, and all those stuff make you look really like an alpha male. But the thing is, that stuff can be expensive.

Maybe over $100. But, after all, I think if you spend that money, that will definitely be a good investment.


After all, we all know that there are hundreds of men’s style mistakes. The reason is men are not basically interested in style and also fashion. Also, I’m pretty sure that except fashion gurus, 95% of men do these men’s style mistakes. Everyone makes style mistakes, but when a man makes specifically ” men’s style mistakes”, they appear a bit on immature and less masculine.

That is why I personally believe that you should get rid of the men’s style mistakes I have stated above so you can be more masculine and hopefully attractive.

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