Have you ever noticed that there are some fellows that never shave, but still having a babyface? Maybe, it can be you! Although, what you gotta know is that your beard growth rate is determined by your own genetics. It cannot be ever changed.

Not the beard growth rate, just your genes.

The thing about a beard is that it can really make an unproportionate face look more proportioned.

So surpricingly, with a beard, you can be also more attractive while being more masculine and manly which makes you more confident.

So, if you still wanna look like a truly alpha male – you gotta,

Give it time baby

Give it time will ya?

1st reason is it usually takes about 3 to 4 years after puberty to gain the ability to grow a beard.

Further, usually, it takes about a moon to grow a full beard if you are blessed with a mediocre rate of beard growth. so, you gotta be patient… real patient.

Castor oil – The ultimate beard growth maximizer ( better than other beard oils)

Castor oil for beard growth
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Castor oil was even used by ancient Egyptians and Sri Lankans. With a history of over 4000 years, no one can be wrong about this miracle oil.

Most of the beard oils in the market today contains castor oil and they are simply overcharging you for labelling the bottle “beard oil” instead of castor oil

It has a whole lot of proteins, minerals, vitamins that will nurture your face-skin while supercharging your beard growth. It has oleic acid to nourish your skin while Ricinoleic acid to protect your skin.

Also, if you can mix some castor oil with virgin coconut oil, you can make your own kind of beard oil at home which is actually better.

If you can massage your skin with 2 drops of castor oil or beard oil made from the above method after exfoliating your skin, I can assure you that your overall skin health + better beard will be no more a dream.

Biotin – for the fastest results

Supercharge your beard growth with these 5 shocking ways 2
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Biotin is an awesome miracle supplement for hair and nail growth where you can see results right away – from day 1. Biotin was known as vitamin H and sometimes known as vitamin B7. It is also water soluble.

There are some nutrients in your body that can not be switched to energy without biotin.

So what occurs when you supplement your body with biotin is that it is going to enhance the keratin infrastructure of you and as a consequence, giving you sounder hair, skin and nails.

The dose most doctors recommend for an average guy who is older than 10, is 30mcg a day. Just trust me on this, you take biotin today – you will see results starting from tomorrow.

It is that effective.

Testosterone does matter

It’s simple guys – human body responds to testosterone by growing more, fuller and thicker male hair.

That’s why most of the guys with a beard also sound a bit more manly – that’s how their voice responded for more testosterone.

Plus, testosterone also can improve your manly behaviour and characteristics which enhancing testosterone truly worth it.

If you want more beard, you have to increase the value of testosterone flowing in your body. To increase testosterone, you can do myriad things.

Work Out

workout for beard
This guy has more beard than you

When you work out (not cardio, muscle training), your muscles get damaged.

Then the hormonal system (mainly testosterone) of your body will awake when you are asleep, mainly to get your muscle back in the best condition – which also causes to develop more manly characteristics.

That’s why most of the time boxers and most of the athletes have a deeper voice and tall structure(testosterone also prompts the body to grow taller if you have not hit puberty yet).

therefore, if you crave that astonishing beard – you gotta work out.


ashwagandha, the power of a horse
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Ashwagandha is an ancient Himalayan supplement which was used to improve sex performance of men. It can help you add more muscle, burn fat and improve your performance if you are doing any sport too.

What is jaw-dropping about this magical supplement is its ability to give anyone (even a five-year-old), greatly better hormones, heavenly better sleep, and an incredible mood – on demand!

There are no side effects recorded when taken in the right dose and I would suggest anyone use ashwagandha on a daily basis as it’s one of my personal favourites.

Tuna and other T boosting foods, food to avoid

Did you ever know that tuna is one of the best foods to ignite your testosterone production ( which causes beard growth as stated above)?

Tuna contains loads of vitamin D and vitamin D can actually help you with a lot of things starting with presenting you more life and better hormonal system which results in better beard growth,

further, try to avoid soy products because there are some studies that show that soy products can actually lower your testosterone level and high up your estragon level. Which can cause you to have lowered beard growth.

Those studies actually can be true because most of the Japanese people consume soy products daily and most of the time Japanese – who lives in Japan, has less beard and also muscle.


In my opinion, the main reason why your beard growth is slow is your hormones and genetics. however, you can still grow an astonishing beard if you simply take care of yourself. You can use certain products, you can follow certain habits to turbo-charge your beard growth in the long run and helps you to attain your craved goal as fast as possible.

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