Let’s be honest! A fitness tracker can be super helpful if you use it right. The way you use your fitness tracker really matters. What you should always remember is that the way your fitness tracker is designed to be not to replace your everyday watch.

Also, there are billions of fitness trackers available in the market today. what should you buy? Is the price of them truly worth it? Let’s find out!

No Motivation? – try a fitness tracker!

This lazy cat needs a fitness tracker
This lazy cat needs a fitness tracker

If you are like me, wake up at 3 am in the morning, 2 hours blogging, college, and then, Instagramming and watching Netflix until I sleep( that’s about 6 hours), you probably don’t have any motivation for exercise.

After all, a fitness tracker gives you great motivation at the start(but you gotta keep going by yourselves) – some dopamine shots every time you finish your goals.

Also, when you have paid $100 for a fitness tracker, you are going to feel like a criminal when you are not even using it. Those are the main reasons to buy a fitness tracker.

Track Track and Track – That’s what they do

Fitness trackers do track alot
Fitness trackers do track alot

You know what? Fitness Trackers are designed to track your fitness in the first place. They can track, trace and follow your fitness and health because that’s what they do! If you are reading this and thinking to yourself that you are going to buy a fitness tracker and use it as your daily watch just because they are cheap, just stop reading.

what you can do with your fitness tracker is literally endless. You can track your heart rate, speed, calories you’ve burned, stamina and lot more.

10 years ago, these possibilities from a watch you wear were just, fiction. What I’m certainly saying is, if you can get the full advantage of the resources available in this world right now, your mission will be so much comfortable.

The price does matter – What’s the best fitness tracker for you?

There is an uncountable amount of fitness trackers in the market today. Picking is really hard for an average consumer like you and me.

Because of that, I have picked some best-rated fitness bands and reviewed them with my experience, so you can pick the best one for you.

Fitbit Charge 3 – best fitness band of 2019 – wearable

fitbit charge 3
Click on the image or here to buy Fitbit charge 3 with a discount

This completely waterproof fitness band is the soundest all in one in this year in my opinion. It’s lightweight, thin, beautiful, and also comes with a large screen. It’s surprisingly super comfortable too! The Fitbit Charge 3 also can measure your heart rate and everything a fitness band does.

In my view, the biggest advantage that comes with the Fitbit charge 3 is the Fitbit official app. You can literally race your friends in real life locations via the app(it does work with the google fit app also by the way)

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 – best budget fitness band of 2019 – wearable

xiaomi mi band 3
Click on the image or here to buy the xiaomi mi band 3 for the best price

This fitness band is truly ridiculously cheap. It’s only over $25 and also it is from a well-known brand. Its design is elegant and minimalistic while being so much comfortable.However, with the cheap price tag, there are major impediments with the xiaomi mi band 3 too.

It has no GPS, and daylight clarity is meagre. The heart rate tracker is also touchy and too sensitive. The app experience also a “could be better” (but no worries, you can always use google fit).

It also has a sleep tracker and it is surprisingly solid accurate. My favourite about the xiaomi mi band 3 is that it is the best-looking fitness band in the market today – in my opinion.

Those are the fitness trackers/fitness bands I personally recommend for the average kind of guy.


We live in the 21st century. though there is no benefit of living in the new age if you don’t use the resources accessible. A fitness tracker/fitness band – I think it is one of the greatest inventions of all time done to the health industry. After all, there is honestly no reason not to use technology as a companion. Also, don’t forget to read 10 style mistakes most men make every day without even knowing

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